17 January, 2010

U.1 "1st"

hi! there's my new space
1st case ,I wanna present something that I'm interesting now
You may think , Who I am?
555 sorry
" Pangram" you can call me this name.
I just a little girl I'm student 2nd at RSU..
major is tourism


I like concept of his project .that's cool!!!

Just Between You And Me

Every Breath You Take

Just keeping an eye on you

I could talk to you forever

Just Between You And Me is the name of project of objects of co-dependancy by Keetra Dean Dixon Via TodayAndTomorrow.

credit : http://designwar.net/

Do you like ? I like a lot .. frist time that I see . I think this project very pretty and I wanna have some love :DTo be smile together

To be miss together

To be share feeling together

To be one

I just wanna do something to someone ...


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