21 February, 2010

my food

Another stir fried dish was this basic one called "pad pak ruam mit" in Thai. When I go to restaurants I often buy this dish as it goes well with most curries. The ingredients will vary depending on what the cook has in stock. I often cook this myself as it is quick and easy. As always, fry some garlic until golden brown. I add the carrots and cauliflower first as they take slightly longer to cook. Keep stirring all the time. Then add the remaining ingredients. Add some water if it starts to dry out. Season with oyster sauce and sugar. Some recipes say add fish sauce instead but I prefer oyster sauce. This version also had pork which obviously you add first! This was 25 baht.

It is som tam which is popular with many foreign tourists. There are quite a few different versions. My other favourite is the fruit salad version. This one is som tam tai and uses shredded green papaya. Everything is pounded togehter with a mortar and pestle. The ingredients green beans, cherry tomatoes, include garlic, red chili, palm sugar, fish sauce, lemon juice and tamarind paste. They probably also add a touch of MSG if you are not looking. This version also has dried shrimp and dry roasted peanuts which are added after the pounding. The vendor will probably inquire if you want it spicy. An easy way to explain is to say how many chillies you want. So, for three, you would say "prik sam met". This is only 20 baht and very delicious. I could eat it every day

The grilled chicken with sticky rice is an excellent accompaniments to many som tam dishes. There are some vendors who only sell the grilled chicken without the som tam. But the som tam vendor often has grilled chicken. Just point to the piece of chicken you want. If you ask for sticky rice too, he will ask how many bags. I usually just get one. The rice was 5 baht and the chicken 15 baht.

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